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Puffin Gear® hats and accessories for infants, children and adults are carefully made in our Toronto studio.  Our commitment to designing quality accessories is defined by the Atlantic Puffin who exudes flair with its vividly coloured beak, red eye markings, and bright orange legs  while withstanding exposure to varied and harsh conditions. Get outdoors  and enjoy all the seasons in Puffin Gear®'s functional and beautiful hats! 



August 07, 2016

We're all setup in booth 2318 at the MODE ACCESSORY SHOW.  Drop by to see our fall/winter 2016 line.  We're very excited about our new Harris Tweed palette in the brilliant colours of Scottish Thistles.

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May 15, 2016

A great article outlining Why Handmade Matters  by Donna Maria Coles Johnson is a quick read with your morning coffee. "When you make something, you leave a part of yourself in it. When you are finished creating, you take pride in the work partly because you see yourself in it. When you buy something someone else made, you yourself are reflected in that purchase. Whether it’s the color, the texture, the shape, or just the mood you happen to be in, an item that has been crafted as an expression of the creative spirit person who made it is treasured and valued far beyond an item that was made for worldly mass consumption."

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February 07, 2016

Will Burton Sales is showing our Summer 2016 Children's Line at the VANCOUVER KID SHOW ,Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre, 711 W Broadway, Wednesday February 10 and Thursday February 11

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January 30, 2016

We're all setup at the Spring 2016 Mode Accessory Show.   Visit us in booth 2318 to view our fabulous 2016 sun protection line.  We've got you covered!

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